8 Tips on What to Wear at a European Trip

At one point in our lives, we all want to do this. It is part of our bucket list. And you might know someone who knows someone who have already done it. Taking a trip all over Europe.

Whether you’re a traveler or just a typical girl who want to have a long vacation, a trip around Europe is simply a dream come true for a lot of us. But thinking about what we want to wear when traipsing around the cobblestone streets of Europe can be overwhelming since you have to think of every clothing needs for each destination. So I’m here to give out a simple guide containing 8 basic and helpful tips you want to remember when planning on what to wear at a European trip.

When you’re going on a trip, it’s common knowledge that you can never bring you entire room with you–unless of course you are capable to do so. So you have to master the art of packing light. I highly recommend keeping all those over-embellished and bold clothes that can only be worn in a specific occasion. Think capsule wardrobe–go for clothes that are versatile and basic. You can wear these clothes with anything and during anywhere and you’d still look presentable and appropriate. Besides, packing few clothes will give you the pleasant opportunity of shopping additional clothes in your destinations.

You have to be creative on the things you wear, too. For instance, you can use a crisp short-sleeved shirt for eating at a formal restaurant and then unbutton and tie it on your waist and pair it with a floral skirt when going to a beach restaurant.

Generally, Europeans are known to have a slightly more sophisticated wardrobe than Americans. It’s also a common knowledge to not bring your sneakers and baseball caps. If you must wear sneakers, opt for those loafer sneakers that are simple and very basic. They would look great on any casual strolls around the city.

Of course, you’d want to have three pairs of footwear: one sandals for casual everyday look, one heels for formal events, and a pair of boots for the rainy days. Brown or khaki sandals are a great sandals to wear for everyday look when you are just planning to stroll around the neighborhood. Also, they would be practical when you go out to shop for additional clothes–especially, when trying out new shoes.

For boots, I would suggest taking an ankle boots. They occupy lesser space than most boots which will help you out practically and they can be worn and paired with any bottoms and for whatever climate. Go for leather ankle boots since leather is a durable fabric that will not leave your feet sweating under a sunny weather and will keep them warm and dry for cold rainy days.

Speaking of weather and temperature, you also want to pack up depending on what season you’ll be doing your European trip. Stick to light and breezy garments when you’ll be there for summer and spring and choose clothes you can put together in a layered outfit for when going to Europe during the fall and winter.

Either way, you want to have at least two kinds of outerwear packed up. A classic ladies trench coat and a well-tailored blazer. These outerwear will look fabulous on whatever outfit and is comfortable to wear on whichever season. You can wear one during your flight while you pack the other on your luggage. I would recommend wearing the trench coat since it’s the bigger outerwear and blazers will make up less space.

Lastly, you don’t want to stroll around the streets wearing your backpack. Nothing defines you as tourist more than wearing backpacks wherever you go. Keep your backpack at the hotel you’re staying and instead, pack a trusty crossbody bag. If you have one that has a detachable sling, then get that. You can detach the sling of the crossbody bag and instantly turn it into a clutch for formal dining and events.

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