How to Pick the Best Hat for Your Face Shape

Hats are very popular right now but, finding the right hat can be a challenging task. A chic hat on a mannequin doesn’t mean it’ll also look great on you. Some women wear the wrong hat for their face shape as a too big hat makes their face look smaller and a too small one makes their wide face wider. By picking a flattering hat based on your face shape, you can add flair and sharpness to your appearance. Keep on reading for fashion tips on how to pick the best hat according to your face shape.

Round Face

A round face as it has round chin, full cheek, and a round hairline. Because a round face is often short and wide, the goal is to create length or elongate your face to make it look more like an oval. Therefore, it is wise to choose a hat with a high crown to give you the height you need and balance out your face shape. Your main goal is to choose a hat that helps distract people’s attention from your facial curves, and eliminate the power of first impression about your chubby and short face. Look for medium to long brim fedoras, newsboy hats, porkpies, and trilby styles and avoid anything low to the head and rounded as it will only accentuate the roundness of your face. A prominent crown, an irregular brim, or even a vertical design feature like feathers will be great for your hat styles.

Oval Face

The oval face is the most ideal of all the face shapes so you can pull off any hat style. It has broader cheeks, slightly narrowed forehead and jaw line. The forehead is a bit wider than the chin that resembles the shape of an egg. Large brimmed hats work well as long as you keep the brim proportionate to your height as the taller you are the bigger brim you can wear. It also must no wider than your shoulders. Go for something cool and more fashion-forward like a fisherman cap or boater style. Because the oval face is a very balanced face shape, you have the limitless possibilities for wearing hats that look very classy on your nicely proportioned face shape.

Oblong Face

Oblong faces are much longer than they are wide so you’ll want something with a little width and a shorter crown that will balance out the length of your face. Go for full or upturned brims and slightly flat crowns. Avoid high crowns and small brims which will only make your face look long and narrow. A medium sized floppy, cloche, crusher, or bucket style would work best on your face shape. A cloche worn low to your eyebrows can help conceal your high forehead and creates an impression of shortened face.

Square Face

The square face is short and angular with usually a very wide jaw-line usually its length is almost equal to its width. A broad forehead and a strong chin are the main features of a square shaped face. You’ll want to soften the angles so pick ones with curved silhouette to soften your jaw line and elongate your face shape. Your defined and symmetrical face requires circular features to soften the edges of the face. So, look for hats with irregular brims and prominent crowns to narrow your face and wear it at an angle to soften your face’s squareness. Floppy hats, cowboy hats, homburg, or bowler styles will help to round out your features. Just don’t wear a hat with a short brim, no brim, or a square hat that will emphasize your angular face shape.

Heart and Diamond Face

Heart shaped face has a broad forehead, wide cheekbone, and pointy chin. Since heart and diamond shaped faces have very narrow jawlines so you’ll want to slim the forehead to make it appear narrower. Look for medium brimmed hats with a prominent crown to prevent your chin looking narrower. Any brimmed style that is medium in length will achieve this. Just avoid any shape that is too wide at the forehead as it will only make your jaw and chin look narrower.

Finding the best hat for your face shape is all about the proportion and sweet spots that brings harmony to your face. So, if your face is small, don’t overpower yourself with too wide brim. On the other hand, if your face is large, look for styles with more width. This way, you bring out your best features with smart accessorizing.

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