How to Style Your Wrap Dresses

A signature piece of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg in 1974, the wrap dress is still an iconic fashion statement that’s universal figure-flattering fashion piece for all occasions. A wrap dress is the most timeless piece any woman can have as it’s known for being feminine, elegant, versatile and sexy all depending on how you wear it. Here are some styling tips to make this dress perfect for you.

No outfit can easily accomplish what the wrap dress can as it’s a waist trimmer, bust enhancer, and hip slimmer. A wrap dress is an excellent way to conceal and even accentuate curves. When a dress fits and flatters a body shape, it becomes a stylish and timeless piece that will live in your closet year after year, being the perfect piece to wear at any given moment. If you are curvy, go for a cotton wrap dress that will camouflage bumps smoothing the dress over your body. So when looking for wrap dresses, make your first purchase a basic one that you can wear for both work and play.

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To avoid having a wrap dress overwhelm your frame, make sure the dress properly fits your shape without being too tight. Get the right fit by considering the right length and right hemline shape. The most flattering length of a dress is right on the knee or shorter as it shows more of the legs making you looks lean and chic. Longer hems, especially on a wrap dress are on the frumpy side especially if you’re petite or have short legs as the hem hits the thickest part of your calves. Instead, go for a flared hem that’s universally flattering since it draws the eye outwards and away from curves which is perfect for bottom-heavy women or women with straight hips. Wrap dresses are definitely the perfect clothing for looking sexy and classy as its soft fabric hugs every curve while defining a waist to show off an hourglass shape if you got one. Also, a plunging neckline can instantly shed some pounds. Also, don’t be afraid to show off some skin as you can also get away with a shorter hemline and sleeves.

You may wish to keep the look fresh and young with bold colors. For a classic look, opt for more neutral shades like black, navy, or white, which can be rocked day or night. Also, wrap dresses in solid jewel tones, such as ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple are great to looking instantly glamorous.

If you’re not a fan of colors, go for prints and patterns. Just choose prints and patterns wisely as they tend to make most of the women look frumpy. Opt for prints that go well your body scale just like going for bigger prints if you’re a plus size or smaller prints if you’re skinny to avoid overpowering your silhouette. Plus size women can really up the stakes with animal or graphic print wrap dresses.

When styling your wrap dress, keep your accessories simple because the dress by itself makes a powerful statement. Whether you choose a solid color or classic print, the wrap dress alone can make heads turn, but with the right accessories, your dress can instantly go from casual to chic. You could opt for neutral pumps or classic pumps that match a color in the dress that’s great for formal occasions, or strappy sandals or gladiators for evening looks or casual daytime wear. You should also make sure to opt for bags that complement your wrap dress. You should also avoid overdoing jewelry.

Wrap dress is really a must-have for women’s wardrobe. So, invest on them as it will be timeless pieces you can have for years.

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