Reinventing Boxer Braids and Pigtails

Boxer braids and pigtails are some of the best- looking hairstyles of this year, and are reinventing the usual pretty and girly connotations of this classic hairdo. Kim Kardashian made boxer braids the hottest hair trend of 2016, combining cornrows, French plaits and pigtails, but this hairstyle was actually created by the Kardashian’s hair stylist Jen Atkin. Achievable with most hair types, it is a great solution to bad hair days and perfect for those times when you just want to dance the night away. Beyoncé, on the other hand, has been rocking braided pigtails in her new phenomenal visual album Lemonade, which looks wild and romantic with her long, thick hair.

2016 is all about reinventing typical girly looks, here’s how to make pigtails even sexier.

Spotted Online

It’s not just celebrities who have been wearing these hairstyles. Instagram and sites like Tumblr

are full of gorgeous women showing off their braiding skills. There is a great selection on Pinterest,

and we love this tutorial on Bonnie Fuller’s blog called Hollywood

Life. Make sure you use a rat tail comb to get the parting straight, and add a little hair spray to

build volume, then expanding the braid a little to create a rough-around- the-edges look.

We love discovering new fashion and beauty bloggers, so be sure to share your ideas on how to

get the perfect boxer braids or pigtails using social media, or even go one step further and start your

own blog. For any blogging newbies, you can simply use a template from a company like and make an

attractive-looking website! Who knows, maybe your hairstyle tips could be the hottest trends next


What to Wear

Now you’ve got your hair covered, the next step is figuring out what to wear! The trick is not to

wear anything too girly, as boxer braids look great with a sporty look or black skinny jeans and black

top. Think sophisticated and chic for a grown up spin on this cute hairstyle. If you are going for

Beyoncé-style long braided pigtails, then be sure to go all out in long flowy dresses and skirts for a

mega romantic look, but keep your hair looking messy and tussled for a carefree approach to this

elegant style.

What occasions do you wear pigtails or boxer braids? Let me know when you love to wear these


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