10 Halloween Hair Ideas for an Iconic Costume

We know winning that office halloween costumes contest this year is high on your list of priorities. We get it. But sometimes finding that next-level costume comes down to nailing one essential detail — your hair. We’ve gathered all the easy Halloween hair ideas you could possibly need to choose the costume of your dreams. Check out these 10 epic Halloween hairstyles that are so iconic, they might be all the costume you need.

1. Sandra Dee: There is so much haute-ness going on in this photo of Gigi Hadid dressed up as Sandra Dee from Grease. She totally nailed the look with those voluminous blonde curls and that spot-on costume of the original good girl turned bad.

2. Duck Dynasty: If you’re going for laughs this year, consider the perks of dressing up like a Duck Dynasty cast member. When else will you have an excuse to wear that massive beard wig and bandana?

3. Jem: There’s something so fun about Jem’s classic ’80s look with ultra-hot pink accents. One look at that larger-than-life spiked hair and partygoers will immediately be feeling your pop star vibes.

4. Jessica Rabbit: Heidi Klum is a known Halloween fanatic, throwing massive, star-studded, costumed bashes each and every year. Our favorite costume was this unforgettable look she pulled off as Jessica Rabbit, a real femme fatale come to life. Channel Jessica with a classic red wig that gets the old Hollywood barrel curl treatment.

5. Glenda the Good Witch: Are you a good witch? If so, you’ve probably considered dressing up as Glenda from The Wizard of Oz at least once. Don a blonde wig in almost any style and top it off with a tiara to bring the magic of Oz to life this Halloween.

6. Lady Gaga: No one throws shade quite like blogger Perez Hilton, so it comes as no surprise that he sported this hilarious Lady Gaga costume for Halloween. He definitely didn’t fly under our radar by pairing one of her memorable concert looks with her most truly unforgettable hairstyles.

7. Rapunzel: Rapunzel is, hands down, as iconic as it gets when it comes to hair fame. So what if she’s fictional? We’d recognize that hair anywhere.

8. Cleopatra: For a truly winning look as Cleopatra, follow in the footsteps of Anne Hathaway with this sleek black wig. Try out some bangs or even a bob when you don a wig to channel the most famous Egyptian queen. Don’t forget to finish the look with a bejeweled crown and tons of gold accents.

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9. Kylie Jenner: Before King Kylie exploded into the mega-popular star she is today, she made waves with her lime green hairstyle and colorful wigs. Since then, her name has become synonymous with colorful and unique tresses. Just remember to add her trademark lip and edgy style.

10. Marge Simpson: The Simpsons have been an American staple for years now, and we can’t think of a better cartoon hairstyle to hack than Marge Simpson’s. Snag a blue up-to-there wig for an instantly recognizable Halloween look.

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