26 Bold And Chic Copper Hair Ideas

Copper hair is kind of classics among bold colors, if grey, blue and magenta has recently become popular, this color has been popular for centuries and it is still. In the past girls with such hair were considered witches but today we know that’s not so, this is just a cool way to stand out. Copper has many different shades, from fiery to dark red copper, and you can find you own one.

Copper Shades

Copper hair look best with pale complexion but there are different shades to choose from, so that every girl could find her tone. I totally love fiery copper shade, which makes a statement itself, you will never be unnoticed! Red copper is an elegant option, especially its darker shades, and brown copper is amazing if you aren’t ready to risk and rock too bold shades. Copper looks awesome on short and long hair, on straight and curly hair, it’s gorgeous!

Copper Highlights And Ombre Hair

Want something different? Opt for black or dark purple roots, add copper or red copper balayage for a bold look. red copper hair can be highlighted with blond shades, and you can try ombre options with red copper to gradual blonde. Dark and chocolate brown looks good with some copper shades, too. Want to stand out? Choose black roots and balayage with bold red, copper and caramel touches.

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