8 Maternity Halloween Costumes to Show Off That Bump

What to expect when you’re expecting? An amazing Halloween costume is what. For soon-to-be moms, great Halloween costumes are a totally different ball game. We like to think of the holiday as a fantastic opportunity to show off that adorable bump. That’s why today we’ve got eight photo-worthy maternity costumes that will sweep all of the costume contest awards. DIYers Kelly Bryden and Misty Spinney nailed these looks and Krystle stole the show with her modeling prowess. Read on for the tutorials.

1. Christmas Ornament Costume

Itching for holiday season to begin already? Be an ornament for Halloween! We found a long black dress from a thrift store and cut out a hole for Krystle’s belly to pop through. Next, we sewed a belly band out of shiny red stretchy fabric and slipped it on underneath the black dress, and then hot glued an ornament topper made from cardboard and a pipe cleaner. We finished off the look with a Christmas tree headband and a bright red lip.

2. Ice Cream Cone Costume

This cone won’t melt, but your heart sure will when you see this costume! It is TOO CUTE. To create this three-tiered vanilla cone, get a white wig, a white crop top and stretchy white jersey to sew into a band for your belly. Cover the belly band and crop top in felt sprinkles and add dark brown lines to a tan skirt for the cone. Finish off the look with a cherry headband (made from a painted foam ball and green pipe cleaner), pink lips and white heals.

3. Bouquet of Flowers Costume

Your baby bump will add awesome dimension to the flowers in the bouquet women halloween costumes. You will need a base tank with crepe paper flowers hot glued or pinned on to create the top of the bouquet. Make sure to create one big flower for your belly to really show off that bump. Get about two yards of burlap, then drape it around your body and pin in place to create the bouquet wrap.
For the hair: Pull the top half of your hair up into a high pony that is slightly off center. Tie off this pony into a messy bun, leaving the ends out for that wispy look. Then pull the lower half of your hair over to the side of your head with the bun and make a low side pony. Blend the top-knotted hair into the lower pony with some pins. Then place random fake flowers throughout your hair to fill in any gaps or add any pattern that makes you feel pretty!

4. Grapes Costume

How cute is Krystle in this purple wig!? The base of this costume is a dark green dress from a thrift store in which we cut out a hole for her belly bump. Sew together a purple belly band and slip it on underneath the dress to turn your belly into a big grape. Finish off the costume with a vine of ivy with additional purple balloon grapes. Of course, you’ll need a purple wig and lip to bring your A game.

5. Kangaroo Costume

We found this orange dress at the Goodwill. The little kangaroo is here on Amazon! Make the pouch and tummy with cream felt attached to the dress using hot glue. Pair with some brown leggings and brown shoes. For her ears, add dark and light brown felt to a headband using hot glue. Paint on some whiskers, a nose and black lipstick to complete this momma kangaroo look.

6. Mrs. Potato Head Costume

We ordered this orange dress as a base for the costume and this sailor hat on Amazon. Underneath the dress is a white tube top positioned around her tummy. Cut a circle out of the orange dress so you can see the tube top, and then fashion a little potato baby made of felt to the belly and glue a flap of orange felt on the base with fashion tape on the top edge, so you can reseal the flap after exposing the li’l baby! We went with a short auburn wig and attached pink earrings with little yellow dots on them to make Mrs. Potato Head’s “ears.”

7. Phases of the Moon Costume

I mean, you have to order these galactic space pants and shirt as your base for this look. To create the phases of the moon, do a google search for them, then print and cut them out and tape them onto the belly, all revolving around Earth. The silver tinsel wig paired with her red, silver and copper makeup is the perfect topper for this out-of-this-world momma costume! We found the wig at a local costume shop here in SF, but you can order one similar here if you can’t find one.

8. Avocado Costume

We opted for a little brown dress to give her bump the proper seed color. The avocado is made out of foam board cut into the shape of the avo. Paint it with a few shades of green and then add a felt seed on the top. The best part of this look is her headband. Misty printed out images of tortilla chips, Sriracha, lime and salt, glued them to foam paper and attached them to a headband.

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