10 Trendy Grey Hair Color Ideas To Rock

Grey hair has recently become popular, and now the trend is in full swing. Why grey? Because grey is a beautiful way to stand out, it’s not too dark or too bold but looks rather eye-catching. It looks great with rock and grunge style, and of course you can rock such hair with various other outfits, too. Grey has a lot of shades and options to choose from, so I’m sure that every girl will find something.

Shades Of Grey

The most popular grey shade now is silver, which isn’t for every appearance type but if it fits, it looks outstanding. I totally love the idea of very light grey hair, almost white, it looks rather subtle and romantic and you still catch an eye. Grey shades are the best for pale complexion and light-colored eyes but of course everything depends on the shade you choose. Grey look cool both on long and short hair, on straight and wavy hair, so it’s up to you.

Grey Highlights And Ombre Hair

Black and grey are a perfect combo, and girls with black hair often do grey balayage. Black or just dark roots accentuate light grey highlights, and blue can be also tried for such highlights, so find matching shades to create a cool look. Ombre grey hair is a unique thing, it looks so beautiful with these dark grey shades subtly going to almost white, wow!

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