One of the Cheapest Truly Cordless Earphones Review

PaMu is the first consumer offering from Padmate Tech, a little-known company that has been an OEM manufacturer for various brands. After a successful Indiegogo campaign (they raised 9,378% of their target), PaMu earbuds can now be purchased from the Moldac now.

The first thing you notice about PaMu is the stylish design. We received the black variant, which has a checkered pattern on the earbuds and battery case. The lightweight earbuds offer an excellent fit and did not feel uncomfortable even after 3 hours of use. The clips ensure that they don’t fall out — we tried them walking and running. Plus, PaMu is IPX5 water- and sweat-resistant, making it great for use in gym.

Each earbud has a 10 mm dynamic audio driver, which delivers tight bass as well as excellent clarity for vocals. For voice calls, only the left earbud works (even if you are wearing both) and we had no issue with audio quality or reception at both ends of the call.

Instead of buttons, PaMu has a touch-sensitive area for music and call control. Buttons vs touch is a personal preference but this works great once you get used to it. Like any wireless earphones, they auto connect to the paired device as soon as you remove them from the case.

Also, we did not face any audio-sync issue in videos —something we have seen in wireless earbuds from big brands like Bose and Sony. The circular charging case is compact and lightweight.

A button on the side unlocks the top lid, which can then be rotated to access the storage compartment. It has a built-in magnet so you just need to drop the earbuds in to charge. The charging case has LED indicator lights for battery status and a micro USB port for charging. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge. Battery life is great.

A full charge on the earbuds lasts over 3 hours and the charging case can recharge the headphones 3 times more. We were able to get about 11 hours of playback.

At $79 , PaMu Scroll is one of the cheapest options for anyone looking at true wireless earbuds. It delivers all the features you usually get in the expensive premium brands without compromising on sound quality, battery life or design.

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