Pamu Slide: Is It Worth To Finance These Headphones?

Pamu Slide: Is It Worth To Finance These Headphones?

We are at the time when wireless headphones are on the rise and even more demanding. Beyond the classical companies in the field, we have several startups trying to get their place on the market. One of them is Padmate that sells its products on indiegogo, asking for funding. Its latest product is Pamu Slide, which you can get at $ 49 for the simple version and at $ 69 for the wireless charge version. After the end of the indiegogo campaign, it will come out on the market at $ 160 and $ 201 respectively.

Padmate contacted us to send us a pair of Pamu Slide with wireless charging to try and tell them our opinion and after we did, we said to show them to you as well, preparing a short review.

The device is made up of the very beautiful case that opens when pulling its top. Inside, we find the two headphones that charge when we put them in the case.

Pamu Slide: Is It Worth To Finance These Headphones?

Continuing on the part of the case, when we press the back key twice, we can turn it back and charge our mobile or other charging devices intact, with the same battery 1200mAh, as well as a small powerbank. It may not charge all of our cellular battery, but it can give us a bit more energy to take a few hours until we get to our house.

We move on to the headphones, which have a good fit (at least on my ears), with very good sound insulation of external noise. Together with the headphones we will also find the parts that fit in our ear, to choose the one that best suits our ear as different sizes come. We have to mention that the headphones come with IPX7 certification, which means they are water and sweat resistant.

Pamu Slide: Is It Worth To Finance These Headphones?

But the key is the piece of sound. I found the headphones to have a very clear sound, with the tremors and the middle ones crystal. But I have a big objection to the bass that their performance is below average. If your music does not include a lot of bass, it is not a problem, but in most species it will give you the feeling that something is missing. Their intensity is satisfactory.

In the piece of speech, however, the headphones show their teeth, with one of the best noise cancellation we have encountered in Bluetooth headsets up to € 200. We tried them in the main street grille, with cars passing in front of us and behind us, with our interlocutor not hearing almost anything from the noise that we had around us, that was very intense.

In closing, the battery they offer is impressive. We did more than 3 hours of music before we put it back in the bag to charge. In total, headphones and cases can give us over 30-40 hours of music and calls. At the time I write this text, it has been two weeks since the last time I put it in the case.

Generally Pamu Slide is pretty good headphones for the price you can get from indiegogo. I would not buy them at $ 160 or $ 201 that will come out on the market after the funding campaign, so if you want them you have to hurry. It’s the best in this honor for our closings, while in music it’s good, though we certainly would like a lot more bass.

Find Pamu Slide here at indiegogo

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