PaMu Slide Is a Must-have True Wireless Headphones

The Best AirPod Competitor - PaMu Slide

Almost every day we see the launch of new true wireless headphones and in this “crowd”, most of products and brands it is often difficult to stand out. A few months ago Padmate succeeded with her PaMu Scrolls (we talked about it here), which were talked about for a very attractive price and an important marketing campaign, and today we try again with the new PaMu Slide, more refined version and improved than the previous model.

The Best AirPod Competitor – PaMu Slide

There are two models of PaMu Slide: one with the possibility of reverse wireless charging (Plus model) and another that is devoid of it, more basic and cheaper. In the package we find the earphones on the outside of the case, precisely case for recharging them, sets of rubbers of different sizes and a USB-A / USB-C cable.

Surely the PaMu Slide have raised the bar of quality: always made of plastic but of excellent quality, the shape now reminds of the AirPods with the “stem” coming out of the ear, but the similarities stop here. In fact, they are an in-ear model, more solid in the ear once the correct size of the rubber was found but after a while they could be annoying.

The aesthetics are simple but pleasant, with soft lines and a dark color that makes them very sober. There are small LEDs on the outside that are especially useful for indicating the state of charge once they are in the case.

Speaking of the case, it’s one of the few things I didn’t like: the only positive aspects are the ease of opening and charging via USB-C, but the big disadvantage is the size. This is a huge case compared to the competition, two but three times bigger than other models I have available, and the weight is not indifferent either. Especially in this summer period, when you search for easily transportable gadgets, the case of these PaMu Slide can be a great deterrent.


The positive of the medal is battery. If the earphones are very good, with about 9 hours of continuous use, the case allows you to charge them up to 5 times, up to a total of about 45 hours of mixed use. Carrying this data in real life means that you can use the earphones for a week / 10 days on a single charge even with very intense use. If the first criterion with which you choose earphones is battery life, these PaMu Slide are the headphones to evaluate.

This battery is above all thanks to the new Qualcomm processor, the QCC3020, with zero audio latency, AptX and Bluetooth 5.0 support and consumption management that doubles the battery with respect to the past. Excellent connection stability, I have never heard interference during normal use and even the operating distance is good, just above the average of 10 meters. Pairing takes place without problems and for the subsequent times there will be auto-pairing with the last device connected.


Even the calls are of good quality, obviously stereo, perhaps not the best with regard to the quality of the microphones, but in general you can make calls without problems even in rather noisy environments.

To control the music playback, Padmate has thought of the touch gestures on the outside of the earphones, a solution that on the one hand I appreciate and on the other I often find frustrated. Surely it is convenient to be able to act instantly on reproduction and volume, or even recall the ‘voice assistant, but at least a dozen times I have wanted to fix the position of the earpiece in my ear and pause the music, which after two or three times starts to bother me.


Then we come to the part that should be the most important, namely the audio quality. The PaMu Slide sound very good, especially considering them as entry-level headphones. The volume is quite high, medium and high are well modulated, there is a good sharpness and a good separation of the instruments. The basses are there but they are not particularly deep, so they are not thought in my opinion for those who do sports and want to listen to music with the bass pumped to the maximum.

Furthermore, the in-ear shape allows a good passive noise reduction, especially useful in vehicles where external noise can affect the listening quality.


To conclude, Padmate with PaMu Slide has certainly made a splash, on Indiegogo they are available at $ 49 for the normal model and $ 69 for the Plus model. The only problem is with the purchasing platform, which is not among the most reliable for shipping times and warranty. If this aspect concerning the purchase does not reassure, on the contrary the product is a certainty.

These are headphones that offer premium sensations, definitely superior to the selling price. They have no major weaknesses, only the case’s size could be improved, but this also has a huge advantage, which is almost infinite autonomy.

Once the campaign is over it will cost $ 160 and $ 200, much less attractive prices, almost overpriced, so you dare to buy now that they are a bargain. Because Padmate has become well accustomed to us when it comes to business and we can say that the game is worth the candle.

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