Padmate PaMu Slide From Indiegogo

Pamu Slide: Is It Worth To Finance These Headphones?

First Impression

The outbox of the pamu slide is a material that is very suitable. Is a plastic garbage, both a charger and a headset in there, the size that is scared.

The box doesn’t look tight. Slide and then scared the lid broken like the slide on the Nokia phone. The lid has a cheap artificial leather, which is added to the luxury.

But the sound is not bad. A lot of scrolls are open. Listen and know. Not bad. Quite good with a price of just $60. Because I focus on the middle of the music. Listening to women music Whoever, emphasizes the bass doesn’t come at all. The sound is still too distracting. Not crystal clear. But this price is considered a luxury.

Soon there will be on the store of Moldac. The price is probably 109 dollars. But this one who chased sneezing, reading the board Encountered a lot of problems. The sound does not leave the right ear. Charging is not available.

But if compared to those who do not have problems, then it is considered that Zen is likely to be less, because people do not have many problems.

The most damn thing is the story of Mae Bae as a presenter. Then the presenter fled to use air pods And this model is claiming to be an air conditioner. Being hit by a tooth.

If asked if it is better than AirPod? Sound quality is not known. But the price is broken. But if you compare the luxury and not stick to dust as well.

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