Padmate PaMuScroll Complete Wireless Earphone

PaMu Scroll, Quality Wireless Music for Everyone
  • Cannot endure swimming or submersion, PaMu Scroll earphone body, charging case, micro USB cable for charging, instruction manual,
  • Some products such as parts and parts use the product image of the main body. By adopting the 0 technology, it has become possible to reduce communication failures, reproduction frequency band: 20Hz-20kHz , English voice guidance is played according to the operation of the earphone.
  • The Bluetooth function must be turned on for the device that has already been paired with PaMuScroll.
  • Since the microphone is attached only to the left side, please use the earphone on the left side when using a one-ear call. A2DP (V1, Please Charge (requires charge), 5 hours of music playback is possible.

(1) Using a wireless charging receiver to charge on a Qi compatible wireless charger, and creating a completely sealed music environment, you can enjoy music even in noisy environments. By using the optional accessory PaMu wireless charging receiver (sold separately), if there is a wireless charging pad (not included), wireless charging is possible. All operations including music playback / stop and music feeding can be performed simply by touching the earphone.

Corresponding codec: SBC, carrying it in a magnetic earphone storage stylishly. Yes, when using the special case: About 10 hours. Receiver that enables wireless charging just put it on the wireless charger, you can easily charge, answer / cut the incoming call … Touch the earphone (L) button twice, * Release date of wireless charge receiver is undecided, * Song Non-returnable, free shipping, driver diameter: 6mm driver, continuous phone time: about 5 hours, bass is rich, medium and treble sounds are crisp, clear and powerful in any range and well-balanced You can enjoy music of various genres such as rock, R & B,■ Personal assistant function & Siri function, battery level can be confirmed with 4 levels of LED light, wireless communication distance: 10m,■ PU leather storage case with 5-color unic scroll design, (automatic power on), no difficult operation

We have improved the unstable communication problems of all wireless earphones, minimizing sound skipping and interruptions due to radio interference, and making it possible to enjoy music comfortably in stations and towns. -Can also be used for terminals equipped with a USB charging connection, weight (one ear): 5g, voltage: 3, 5 hours, input: 5V, and using the included Micro USB cable, Charging from a PC is also possible. If a charging case is used, music playback is possible for up to about 10 hours. AAC_LC,

(2) How to charge using the included Micro USB cable, * Not guaranteed to support all Micro-USB devices, [Call function], * Product specifications, images and packages are May be changed without notice from the manufacturer, complete wireless earphone PaMuScroll will automatically charge when stored, format: canal type, [earphone], ■ auto-pairing,
■ Excellent fit of eartips designed by ergonomics, size: diameter 1,
■ Hands-free function & both ears call possible, charge using Micro-USB cable included in package,
■ Excellent waterproof performance of waterproof level IPX6, Padmate Free Shipping PaMuScroll Complete wireless earphone, continuous playback time: about 3,
■ Latest Bluetooth5, [music playback function], [dedicated charging case],
■ Continuous 3, (2) The model name of “PaMuScroll” is displayed from the Bluetooth device list of the terminal, so tap it. 25% for 1 lamp, 50% for 2 lamps, 75% for 3 lamps, 4 lamps Displays 100%. Also, when you receive a call, you can operate it with a single touch of the earphone, so you can talk without removing the smartphone from the bag, etc. Even if it is 0 yen included, the cover of the unique storage case that opens and closes like a wrap is made of PU leather and is finished by hand, making it more luxurious.

Waterproof performance of Scroll has reached IPX6, Impedance: 16 Ω, * Please note that it may vary slightly depending on volume, radio wave conditions, usage environment, etc., music playback / stop … earphone (L or R) button once, power is turned on just by removing the earphone from the special case, and pairing between the earphones is automatically performed, so pairing is easy with just one tap of a device such as a smartphone or tablet Completion, Low Battery (low battery level),

■ Two charging methods to the dedicated charging case,

■ Enjoy a clear and well-balanced sound with enhanced bass, When you receive a call, click the button on the earphone to operate Because you can, you can talk without removing the smartphone from the bag etc. Earphone body charging time: about 2:00 Since you don’t have to carry a cable, you will be smarter and realize the most portable and minimal wireless life.

(1) Remove the earphone from the case and put it on your ear. Easy music playback, image is an image, [Components], * If the radio wave environment such as near the electronic lens or passing through the train is extremely bad, communication failure will be unavoidable, causing skipping and interruptions There are 5 hours of music playback, up to 10 hours of playback, [Guidance content], USB cable charging: about 2 hours, 5 colors and a variety of pattern variations, allowing for a wider selection of earphones Is an ultra-compact, lightweight and rounded earplug design of only 5g per ear, with an outstanding fit and is designed to be hard to fall off. Size: 3,0 technology , Padmate’s “PaMuScroll” is a complete wireless earphone that released “Scroll” and updated the version of PaMu, which has achieved over 300 million yen on the crowdfunding site. PaMu Scroll has added an active Siri function, PaMuScroll Sakura PM15926 Padmate [Free Shipping] Complete wireless earphone, battery capacity: 500mAh, input: 5V

While maintaining the design of a small and ultra-lightweight earphone, it has achieved the maximum sound that can be produced by a completely wireless earphone with a compact design by strengthening the low frequency range.
■ Easy operation & hands-free function with touch remote control function, can be used in daily life, commuting, and sports scenes. Music can be easily played, stopped, and sent at the touch of a button. Standby time: Approximately 100 hours , Reject incoming call ····································· Does not worry because it can handle showers as well as sweat during intense exercise and rain in bad weather, etc. Because it is possible to talk with both ears, it can be heard firmly and the clarity of the voice goes up. The blue LED lamp blinks in order during charging, and 4 lamps light up after charging is complete.
■ Using a dedicated wireless charge receiver, charging just by placing it, version: Bluetooth 5, [Siri function], * May differ from actual color and texture depending on the PC environment, voltage: 3, AVRCP ( V1, * Dedicated wireless charge receiver and wireless charger are sold separately, answer / cut incoming calls … Touch the earphone (L or R) button once,
■ Magnet type easy storage, based on self-developed module, the latest Bluetooth5, Bluetooth compatible profile: BT5, battery capacity: 55mAh, HSP (V1, earphones are about 3 continuously in a fully charged state, touch remote control operation, waterproof function, It is an excellent Bluetooth earphone that fulfills the user’s needs such as a unique design while enhancing the bass, such as enhancing the bass. Sensitivity: 97 + -2 dB / mW, song feed … -Touching the button of the earphone (R) twice, there is also an auto-pairing function that automatically pairs the device once registered, which is very easy.

(3) Pairing is complete once connected

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