History of Hearing Aid Amplifiers

History of Hearing Aid Amplifiers

The word “sonotone” comes from the American company of the same name that manufactured hearing aids from 1929 to 2005. The hearing aid amplifiers is a hearing device with an amplifier that is placed on the ear. It is a device that is intended to improve the hearing of the hearing impaired.

Today, the word “sonotone” is no longer really used. In fact, there is more and more talk of hearing aids, listening amplifiers and listening assistants.

In the 19th century, the hearing amplification devices have a tube and the acoustic horn, and the shapes is quite large. These early hearing device increased all sounds, could increase the volume to 90 to 100dB, it is the first electronic device to amplify sounds.

At first, the first hearing aids were impressive, but over the years the company has managed to improve the size of the product by making it more discreet. Indeed, thanks to innovation, the first earloop hearing devices come out in the 60s. From year to year, the hearing aids have been more elegant, smaller size but more powerful. Evolution has made it possible for hearing aids to filter out certain sounds, reduce noise and feedback, and increase the sound of conversations.

Today, the new hearing aid amplifiers have came out to the market. These devices use the latest digital technology, and more reasonably and accessible price.

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