PaMu Slide Truly Wireless Headphones Introduction

PaMu Slide Truly Wireless Headphones Introduction

Padmate PaMu Slide is a true wireless in-ear headphones that won’t have a power cord. The headphones are lightweight, only 7.1 grams per headphone, which is not too heavy or too light. Designed to support with our ears, wearing tightly, does not falling out during movement. Whether it’s a small or large ears, it can fit them all. On the headphones, there will be LED lights for showing the status of headphone, but there is no control button. Because it using the touch operation on the body of the headphones. Comes with a newly designed case, can slide on-off with one hand. Inside the box comes with a USB-C cable for charging the battery, 2 headphone, and basic operation manual in different language.

Complete Wireless Headphones That Can Charge Smartphones

This pamu best budget wireless earphones comes with an 85mAh battery that can be used for up to 10 hours and can be charged with a case that has a 2,000mAh battery inside, which can charge about 5 times more, allowing for use up to 50 hours totally.

Inside the charging box, there are two of headphones to choose from. PaMu Slide is designed with IPX6, which can be used with splashed or sweat easily. But will not be able to use underwater or take a shower.

The case of PaMu Slide is unique that can be used as a backup battery. Which will use wireless charging Smartphones or other devices that support wireless charging, can be attached together to charge straight away. But the amount of the battery may not be that much. Can say that it is just in case of an emergency.

PaMu Slide Truly Wireless Headphones Introduction
  • Bass sounds have a lot of mass. The deep bass comes in a lot. Impact medium, not bouncing too much As for speed, it’s not that fast. Makes it possible to fully experience the details.
  • Clear vocals have a medium mass, very towards the way For a clean sound texture There is no bass to disturb In which the singer’s position will move further Not very pushy.
  • The treble area comes in a middle way. Extends modestly But not stumped in any way Is a pointed head with a round head, easy to listen to, not bad ears. Details of the various jingle are still enough.
  • The sound stage of this model will be medium in size. In which each piece of musical instruments is slightly apart Orderly Can specify the position precisely To feel surrounded The singer will move slightly away. Which can also clearly divide the class between singers and musical instruments.

Overall, the Padmate PaMu Slide have been updated from previous version headphones, have a fresh face, fit perfectly, clear microphone. The case supports wireless charging for other devices. As for the sound, gives a strong bass and clear. The treble sound is not bold, easy to listen to, suitable for many different genres of music.

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