PaMu Slide Mini Instructions for Use and Connection

PaMu Slide Mini Instructions for Use and Connection

When I first bought pamu slide mini bluetooth 5.0 headphones, what to do first

Firstly, read the manual, which is an important step that many people overlook.

Then follow the steps:

  • Put 2 headsets into the charging dock so that it fully charges the battery, the manufacturer defaulted to leave the two headphones on the charging dock.
  • When connecting to the phone for the first time, you must turn off the bluetooth in the phone first.
  • After fully charging the battery (the headset indicator light is in the off box), pull the left guy out, then pull the right guy out, then the two guys will connect themselves (pair)
  • This step you just turn on the bluetooth on the phone and look for Pamu Slide Mini to connect only, can hear both ears so ok

1 Connect

To connect the Pamu Slide Mini, simply remove the headset from the charger. Then turn on Bluetooth on the phone and look for the name PaMu Slide Mini and connect. It will automatically connect both ears.

2 Connection distance:

According to Bluetooth standards, less than 10 meters, I try to keep the phone on the 1st floor and go up to the 2nd floor but still connected, but when closed, the connection is lost and the headset emits “bum bum bum – bum bum bum bum bum ”Sounds very warm and clear.

After that, I went down to the first floor, and as soon as I walked down the stairs, the headset announced Power Connected (it automatically reconnected for us) and continued listening to music as usual.

At the same floor but if blocked, the connection will be interrupted if you go too far.

Once you’re connected, the next time your phone is on Bluetooth, just pick up the headset and it will automatically connect. And the time automatically connect about 20 seconds, but not eat immediately.

3 Connect each ear

Left Ear :

  • Just lift your left ear and connect as usual.
  • The left ear will automatically connect if it has been connected before.
  • I use it completely with my left ear without any problems, maybe the left ear is Pamu Slide Mini’s preferred ear.

Right ear:

  • Right ear, I have to find the name and connect
  • Can’t connect automatically, have to find and connect, at first I didn’t know this but then I knew that the ear Must not be the owner and shouldn’t connect alone.
  • Sometimes there is a connection loss if just listening to the right ear, I still do not understand why, just listen for about 30 minutes, it says Power On and then turn off, then have to connect manually, I am also exploring the cause. While the Left ear does NOT experience these phenomena. => update: the reason is because when connecting to left ear connection first, I will talk more clearly in the section below.

However, when listening to both ears at the same time, I did not see when I lost the connection, I removed the left ear to see if there is a signal loss in the right ear but still not lost, only lost when using 1 ear only.

So, what do you think about the Pamu Slide Mini headphones? Please comment on the article. If you want to own one for yourself, you can buy it on Moldac website.

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