PaMu Slide Mini: A TWS Earphones with Fast Charging

PaMu Slide Mini: A TWS Earphones with Fast Charging

PaMu Slide Mini is a complete wireless earphone, condensed with the advanced technology of Padmate company which aims to be the world’s top audio product. Designed based on ergonomics so that it is hard to fall off your ears, it is ideal for sports with outstanding fit and IPX 6 waterproof performance. Equipped with Qualcomm’s QCC3020, the latest TWS earphone chip from Qualcomm, it is possible to receive strong signals over a wide range. In addition, it supports both high-quality AAC and aptX codecs, so you can enjoy great music without any loss of sound, with excellent communication sensitivity and stability mainly used for smartphone antennas.

PaMu Slide Mini Instructions for Use and Connection

PaMu Slide Mini earphones designed based on ergonomics can run and jump, come with 6 pairs of different sizes eartips that provide an outstanding sense of safety. Fits any movement without falling from the ear. And unlike general canal type earphones, the part to be inserted in the ear is designed as an elliptical shape that is long vertically. And it is set in a slightly lowered position, not in the middle of the head. When the earphone is inserted into the ear, it fits smoothly and gives an outstanding sense of stability.

IPX6 waterproof function which resists sweat and rain It has waterproof performance of IPX6 and prevents ingress of sweat, rain and splashes. Please enjoy running and sports with confidence. Dual microphone noise reduction technology reduces surrounding noise, enabling clear and comfortable music playback and calls in noisy environments.

Equipped with a next-generation USB standard “USB Type-C” connector, compatible with fast charging, so you can play music and talk for more than an hour with only 10 minutes of charging. If you fully charge the earphone once, you can play music and talk for up to about 10 hours. The charging case has a large capacity of 400mAh. As we can charge Earphone about 2 times, we can use for up to approximately 30 hours.

PaMu Slide Mini: A TWS Earphones with Fast Charging

Padmate has an impressive product portfolio, including a completely new model of PaMu Slide Mini (a range of in-ear TWS headphones, mini versions of PaMu Slide), PaMu Slide Plus, PaMu Scroll, Tempo T5, PaMu X13, PaMu X12 and so on. Visit at Moldac to get more information and full list of PaMu products.

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