Make a home manicure: our pro tips!

Beautify your hands from home, it’s possible! With the right manicure sets, you can achieve the perfect manicure at home. Nourish your nails, apply varnish and make it last, we give you all our tips for doing a home manicure like a pro.

Make a homemade manicure: the steps

Clean your nails

The first step is clean your nails thoroughly with nail polish remover. Choose a mild, acetone-free solvent to avoid damaging your nails. There are also oil-enriched removers that remove polish while nourishing the top layer of your nails.

Feeding your hands

Taking care of your nails also involves your hands! So, before embarking on your manicure, take the time to apply cream and massage in to allow the product to penetrate.

Nourish your cuticles

Massaging your cuticles with a nourishing oil such as sweet almond, or dipping your fingers in warm water for a few minutes and applying a cream as usual. When you nourish your cuticles frequently, they will stay flexible.  

Choose the shape of your nails

Take your nail file according to the shape and size you have chosen. Square, rounded, almond, it’s up to you to see which shape you prefer. A little tip: to file them, be sure to always go in the same direction and not to back and forth.

Varnish application

The first coat can protect and prolong the wear of the varnish. It is also useful to prevent your nails from yellowing after your manicure. For the second coat of varnish, apply the color of your choice. Finally, we apply a top coat. It helps to shine, protect and prolong your manicure.

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