Pastel varnish: how to adopt the manicure trend for 2022?

Popular Nail Trends in 2022: the pastel manicure. How to adopt it? In this article, we will tell you everything. Take your manicure supply and follow us, discover how to adopt this trend to bring a little softness to your nails.

How to adopt a pastel manicure?

The advantage of pastel varnish is that it offers a relatively versatile look. From yellow to purple, from green to blue, while passing through pink or orange, pastel colors are discreet, elegant and very delicate. From a simple uniform manicure to elaborate nail art, pastel varnish offers endless possibilities when it comes to choosing your look.

Even if there is no precise rule, it is advisable to choose a color that will highlight your skin tone. Thus, very fair skin will have more success with blue or purple, where darker skin will be enhanced by warmer colors such as yellow or orange.

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What looks to adopt for a pastel manicure?

  • Ombre nails: this technique makes it possible to degrade a color on the nail and gives a very elegant and light finish.
  • French manicure: instead of having the tip of the nail white, here we apply a pastel color, in a more or less thick line.
  • Swirl nails: this manicure consists of drawing kinds of waves on the nails, in one or more colors.
  • Reverse French manicure: this technique consists of applying color to the root of the nail.
  • Floral nails: by far the perfect pattern for spring, flowers will enhance the delicate color of your pastel nail polish, for a soft and summery look.

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