Here are the 3 trendy nail polish colors of the summer

When it comes to manicures, the summer trend is definitely bright and flashy colors, like neon and pastel shades. Lacking inspiration for your manicures this summer? Here are the three ultra-trendy shades of this season, to wear without hesitation!

The colorful french manicure

This is about revisiting the classic French manicure by bringing a touch of color to the tips of the nails. It can be a blue, green, pink, yellow or red tone. It is even possible to wear two shades for an even more colorful result!

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The shaded manicure

This consists of making a color gradient between the base and the tip of the nails. A rather complex technique to be carried out ideally by a pro. You can achieve a similar result by professional manicure supplies at home.

rainbow manicure

Quite easy to achieve, it consists of applying a different shade of varnish to each nail, to create a gradient effect. A tendency to wear preferably on long nails and to achieve with pastel nail polish, for a softer and harmonious result.

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