The essential nail art equipment

With or without polish, let yourself be attempted by nail art, a pretty way to decorate your nails, for everyday or for a special occasion. So, it’s very important to have the necessary nail art equipment. I suggest you go to our Maryton nail supply store, I believe you will harvest full!

Basic material for a successful nail make-up

To start nail art, you need a small kit consisting of a wide brush, another fan to apply glitter and a liner for fine lines. But before applying the colors, prepare your nails with a file, a cuticle pusher and a polisher. There are commercially available manicure kit of all these essential nail make-up items.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

Nail art decorations and accessories

In the world of nail art, there are three types of girls, nail polish enthusiasts, glitter addicts and stamp or sticker addicts. Of course, we can mix the three styles, but beware of overloads. Here too, for each family of accessories, there are commercially available kits that provide a choice at a lower cost and small sequin and rhinestone carousels offering a wide range of colors and shapes.

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