Beige nails, we talk to you about this nude varnish

As discreet as bare nails, beige nails have it all. Discreet and elegant, nude nail polishes have the right shade for a chic, natural and sober manicure. They come in several colors, including pink and caramel, but we’ll look at beige. You too, let yourself be seduced by this shade thanks to this dedicated article.

Beige nails: are it trends?

Beige nails aren’t only timeless, but also timeless. They continued to have many followers, despite the popularity of metallic varnishes, mirrors or even glitter. Beige nails are a must. They are basic beauty accessories. They are suitable with many circumstances, and various outfits.

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How to varnish your nails in beige?

The classic nude varnish is applied in the same way as the other products. Follow these instructions for successful installation:

  • Apply a coat of base coat on the nails to allow the beige varnish to adhere well;
  • Apply the first coat of beige varnish before letting it dry;
  • Apply a second coat of beige varnish, and let it dry;
  • Soak a cotton swab in cuticle remover to correct blemishes.

The installation of the beige varnish is finished. The result seems simple to you. You have two options to embellish it further, including applying:

  • A shiny finish top coat: this product makes your nails shiny and radiant. Also, it prolongs the life of the tint.
  • A top coat with a matte finish: this is the right solution for a minimalist, modern and discreet result. It will highlight the beige nails.

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