3 good reasons to adopt the “Russian manicure/perfect nails”

The Russian manicure, you know? This beauty of the nail has many advantages. It makes it possible to obtain a clean and smooth finish, but also to optimize the application of a semi-permanent varnish or gel false nails. Follow our Maryton to discover all the advantages of the Russian manicure and adopt this new beauty treatment for hands and nails!

Russian manicure: a flawless nail

This technique is practiced with a specific sander, as well as tips of different sizes, in order to “sculpt” your nails with the greatest precision. In addition, the Russian manicure can be particularly suitable for weakened, short or bitten nails. By opting for the Russian manicure method, you will therefore obtain an irreproachable result: the contours of the nails are clean and neat, and the cuticles are permanently eliminated.

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Russian manicure: gentle nail care

The tips of the nail grinder, essential for performing a Russian manicure, adapt to the different areas of the nail to file it without ever damaging it. These tips thus allow access to the most sensitive areas, at the base of the nail. Finally, the Russian manicure allows you to give your nails a little boost, by ridding them of cuticles and small skins that prevent you from performing your manicures.

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A technique compatible with gel nails and semi-permanent varnish

This method can precede a pose of false gel nails, but also a pose of semi-permanent or classic varnish. By pushing back the cuticles and giving you a cleaner nail contour, your false nails or your nail art will be particularly highlighted by the realization of a Russian manicure beforehand.

OK! Now that you have known the good reasons for Russian manicure, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail products. We have everything all you need.

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