Steps to take care of your nail cuticles

They are often overlooked in the perfect manicure. And this happens because cuticle care is the least creative part of the beauty ritual of our hands. But keep in mind that these white skins play a fundamental role in the health of the nails. So today we will tell you about them, what is their function and how we should treat them.

What are cuticles and why should they be taken care of?

The cuticle is the inert layer of skin that sits just at the root of the nail. It acts as a natural protective shield against dirt, bacteria, fungi and possible infections. Sometimes it dries out a lot and can come up, giving rise to annoying nails and little skin that dulls our hands so much.

How to Care for Cuticles for Good Health

Dont eliminate them: Given their necessary barrier function, you are absolutely prohibited from eliminating them. If you do this, the matrix can be damaged and the nail will become deformed, in addition to causing the appearance of inflammations, depressions and dots or white lines.

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Cut them carefully: To obtain clear and long nails that better highlight the enamel, it is enough to cut the cuticles as little as possible. Apply an emollient gel for cuticles with natural astringents to soften them and leave on. Then gently push the dead skin towards the base of the nail with a wooden stick. Finally, use special craving pliers to cut them gently.

Moisturize them daily: Once you’ve gotten rid of the most damaged parts, the only thing you will need for cuticle care is excellent hydration. Daily and constantly. Above all, use products specifically formulated to nourish, soften and strengthen them and, in turn, promote healthy nail growth.

With this article, we have learned that health and beauty are two concepts that go hand in hand. In nail supply store, you will find the professional manicure supplies on the market to care for and beautify your nails, so that they grow and develop without imperfections.

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