Prepare your nails for your wedding

The fingers are an essential element for the wedding, the only part of the body on which the photographer will focus when the future husband will put the ring on his groom’s finger. So, what manicure for your wedding? Your expert nail supplier Maryton will teach you how to prepare your nails for your wedding!

Beautiful nails

Before thinking about the color of the varnish to put on or the type of manicure, you have to think about the base, the element that will carry all this decoration. No matter the type, it has to be neat and clean.

Natural nails

To have beautiful natural nails on your wedding day, it would be best to apply a fortifying varnish during the 2 or 3 weeks preceding the wedding. You will also need to apply a moisturizer for the nails and hands, as well as sunscreen to protect them.

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False nails

If you can’t have the shape and length you want with your natural nails, you can opt for the false nails. The principle remains the same, it is necessary to choose the appropriate length and shape.

A special wedding manicure

Tips for the weeding day manicure

  1. Test several shades of polish before choosing the right color by seeing what it looks like on your fingers.
  2. Allow for an extra bottle or two, when you have chosen the right color.
  3. If you opt for a gel manicure, be sure to do so no later than a day or two before your ceremony.
  4. Try to take care of your hands and nails and protect them well at least a month before the wedding.

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