Varnish for little girls

In the 21st century, little girls are also entitled to their own range of nail polish. However, it is up to parents to know how to make the right choice for their child.In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas.

What is the appropriate age to wear nail polish?

A child can begin to be interested in fashion and beautiful things from the age of two/three. While forging a personality, she will want to paint her nails like her mother does. At school, it’s a different story. She will be greatly influenced by her friends. All you need to know is how to guide her choices and advise her as best you can.

What kind of varnish to use?

  • Non-toxic varnishes

It is imperative to choose for the youngest non-toxic varnishes. In no case should you buy for your little girl an adult varnish. In addition, Traditional varnishes also give off vapors which can be harmful if inhaled.

  • Composition

There are also biodegradable nail polishes which are not specifically intended for little girls but which are suitable for children due to their non-toxic and healthy formula without toluene, phthalates and formaldehyde. Some brands also offer hypoallergenic nail polishes for the most sensitive little girls.

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