Treatment for Common Problems

Your feet can encounter many problems throughout your life, but each of them can be taken care of and even anticipated if you are careful.

Nail fungus

Fungal infections of the feet or nails are common problems in the feet. They are very contagious and prone to the elements attacking the skin on and around the foot. To reduce the risk of infections, take extra care of your feet.

Keep your feet clean and dry

Keeping your feet clean and dry may seem logical, but that doesn’t make it any less harmless. Drying your feet properly after a shower is the first effective and preventive thing to avoid nail fungus.

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Make sure your shoes fit you well

Mushrooms love warm, moist places. Wearing dry socks and proper footwear will help prevent fungus from appearing.

Ingrown toenails

An ingrown toenail can cause inflammation of the toenail, dead skin, bleeding or pockets of pus around the toe, all of which can be painful. As with all foot problems, prevention is the best weapon. Cut your nails carefully then use a good file.

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