• 10-trendy-grey-hair-color-ideas-to-rock
    10 Trendy Grey Hair Color Ideas To Rock
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    Grey hair has recently become popular, and now the trend is in full swing. Why grey? Because grey is a beautiful way to stand out, it’s not too dark or too bold but looks rather eye-catching. It looks great with rock and grunge style, and of course you can rock such hair with various other […]

  • 26-bold-and-chic-copper-hair-ideas
    26 Bold And Chic Copper Hair Ideas
    Posted in: Hairstyles

    Copper hair is kind of classics among bold colors, if grey, blue and magenta has recently become popular, this color has been popular for centuries and it is still. In the past girls with such hair were considered witches but today we know that’s not so, this is just a cool way to stand out. […]

  • 10-halloween-hair-ideas-for-an-iconic-costume
    10 Halloween Hair Ideas for an Iconic Costume
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    We know winning that office halloween costumes contest this year is high on your list of priorities. We get it. But sometimes finding that next-level costume comes down to nailing one essential detail — your hair. We’ve gathered all the easy Halloween hair ideas you could possibly need to choose the costume of your dreams. […]

  • Reinventing Boxer Braids and Pigtails
    Reinventing Boxer Braids and Pigtails
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    Boxer braids and pigtails are some of the best- looking hairstyles of this year, and are reinventing the usual pretty and girly connotations of this classic hairdo. Kim Kardashian made boxer braids the hottest hair trend of 2016, combining cornrows, French plaits and pigtails, but this hairstyle was actually created by the Kardashian’s hair stylist Jen Atkin. Achievable […]

  • 3 Minutes Hairstyles Ideas for Absolutely Stunning Look
    3 Minutes Hairstyles Ideas for Absolutely Stunning Look
    Posted in: Hairstyles

    Dear ladies can you imagine perfect hairstyle in just a few easy steps and fast like never before. With the help of several steps, the beautiful hairstyle can become a daily routine. Making hairstyle at home can be fun. The result is hair as if you got out of the hair stylist, and the procedure […]