Black nail: symptoms, causes and treatment

It is not uncommon to notice the appearance of one or more black nails. This phenomenon, which occurs on both the hands and the feet, can have many origins. Maryton will help you find the cause of your unsightly nail appearance.As well as all the tips needed to treat a black nail and thus recover normal nails.

The appearance of a black nail following a blow

This is the most common cause of the appearance of this type of phenomenon. The blow to the nail causes a hematoma to appear. This massive influx of blood onto the bruised area appears through the nail. The keratin making up the nail plate becomes colored. You will then have to wait for the nail to re-grow completely before seeing the stain disappear.

In the feet, this type of trauma appears regularly among athletes. Runners and trail runners often have this type of problem. We advise them to call a professional when choosing their new pair of shoes. Using a pair adapted to sports practice can reduce the frequency of the appearance of the disorder.

These shoes that make toenails black

Your shoes may be responsible for the appearance of a black toenail. This phenomenon is most often explained by the use of shoes that are too tight. Please always choose shoes in your size and whose shape does not suit the tip of your foot.

More anecdotally, some poor quality synthetic shoes tend to rub off on the feet. Nails will be able to look a long-lasting black or dark blue color, as long as they are infused with the product’s dyes. So be sure to always wear socks in shoes that are not of very high quality.

Fungus cause blackening of nails

The presence of nail fungus is often characterized by yellowing of the nail plate, reddening of the cuticles and the appearance of an infectious appearance. In some cases, fungus causes blackness to appear on the surface of the nail. The same precautions as for a classic mycosis are therefore required. Always use shoes in which your feet have enough room and can breathe.

There are, of course, natural treatments to resolve nail fungus problems. You can also get treatments without a prescription in pharmacies. If the disorder persists, go to your doctor to prescribe appropriate treatment. Furthermore, if you are not sure that it is a fungal infection, you can also show your foot to a health professional for safety’s sake.

Black nails: a sign of an illness

In some cases, a black spot on a nail could be a sign of a more serious illness. For example, it could be a symptom of skin cancer. The dark spot is then what we call a melanoma, these spots characteristic of this disease.

Certain kidney diseases or diabetes can also be the cause of blackening nails. It can also be a sign of heart problems or anemia. If you suffer from some of these pathologies, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

Prevent and cure black nails

If we can easily act on yellow nails, it is often patience that will overcome black nails. There is no treatment or tips to cure this aesthetic disorder. However, you can prevent their appearance. For example, you can provide nail care regularly using a manicure and pedicure set. Hydration, use of fortifying varnish and taking certain treatments dedicated to their health are some small, simple actions that can provide them with more protection.

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