Top coat: what is it for?

Who has never appreciated being glamorous down to their fingertips? But unfortunately, some nail polishes do not always stay very long on our nails. In addition, our daily routine does not always help us to maintain a perfect manicure. What should we do? Don’t worry, we will answer it in this article.

The top coat: what is it? It is a finishing varnish which is used to bring shine to the previously applied varnish. It also provides a harder finish: which strengthens the nails and ensures better hold of the varnish. A quality top coat will also protect the color of the nail polish from UV rays, so that it does not tarnish or turn yellow.

Top coat and base: same utility?

It is sometimes possible to confuse them, and yet, they do not have the same utility at all. The base is a varnish to be applied as a base, before the nail varnish. This first product will help protect the nail from varnish, thanks to its anti-yellowing properties. The top coat will serve to fix the varnish, make it dry faster and make it last longer.

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Top coat: how to apply it properly?

The top coat is good for making your nail polish last, harden and shine your nails: yes, but be careful to follow a few small rules. Firstly, a top coat cannot be used alone. Applied alone on the nail, it will not fulfill the barrier and protection function of the base. Thus , there is a good chance that the nail will turn yellow.

Here are the steps to follow before applying your top coat: 1. on clean and well-filed nails, first apply a base. 2. Once dry, you can apply the nail polish of your choice. 3. Finally, apply this famous layer of top coat, a fundamental product for stronger, shinier nails and a varnish that lasts longer!

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