Under what conditions does semi-permanent varnish become dangerous for our nails?

We often hear that gel polish is bad for the nails, because it does not allow the nail to “breathe”, in fact it does not breathe. However, semi-permanent varnish on the contrary helps protect your nails. It prevents excessive absorption of water which can cause breakage and the soft effect that can be found on the nails.

On the other hand, semi-permanent varnish becomes harmful and dangerous for our nails, from the moment you apply it on nails that are already weakened and in poor health. It is therefore strongly recommended that people with mycoses, fungi, psoriasis, or nails that tend to split, break or be soft opt for a semi-permanent application.

Beyond having healthy nails, it is also very important to use good quality manicure kits, which comply with regulations regarding chemical products or, quite simply, to have the right technique, the right actions to carry out the application of a semi-permanent varnish or even its removal, which can quickly become a little tedious or even difficult. Moreover, for removal, do not hesitate to go to your nail technician.

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