What material to repell cuticles?

The cuticles are very important for protecting our nails, so push them back instead of tearing them off. But what materials should be used to repell cuticles? Don’t panic, the nail expert Maryton will give you ideas.

A cuticle pusher

The cuticle pusher is a manicure tool used to push the small skin at the base of the nail. Made of metal, plastic or even wood, it generally comes in the shape of a bird’s beak or a spatula.

A nail file

Small tool made of glass, ribbed metal or cardboard covered with emery paper which allows you to work on the shape and roughness of the nail using oscillating movements.

Emollient water for cuticles

Emollient water is a cosmetic product that softens and softens cuticles. By its application, it gently pushes back the cuticles.

A moisturizing oil for nails and cuticles

Used regularly, a moisturizing oil deeply nourishes the nails (and cuticles) and helps maintain good nail health.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some professional  manicure sets to care for your nails.

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