Discover the nail polish color that will make your hands look younger

Nail polish is a beauty must-have. Summer or winter, it gives the hands a chic and well-groomed appearance. Do you want to have beautiful hands with a rejuvenated appearance? Take out your manicure supply and follow us!

Which varnish to adopt for younger hands?

Regardless of your skin tone, this polish will suit you whether you have a porcelain complexion or darker skin. It can be worn in summer as well as in winter: it’s the red varnish! A classic chic color that always has its effect.

Indeed, you have to bet on reds with orange undertones to give pep and especially to draw attention to the sparkling color rather than your hands. Cool, blue undertones can bring out small vessels and possible hand stains.

How to properly apply your nail polish?

Here is the method to apply so that the varnish lasts as long as possible:

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First step: preparing the nail

Start by filing or cutting your nails in the shape you want: rather rounded or square according to your tastes. Then, sand and lightly polish the flat surface of your nail with a suitable polisher.

Second step: the base

This is an important step that will allow the varnish to adhere well to the nail. In addition, putting on a varnish without a base will color the nail and dry it out more. So apply a base before moving on to the colored varnish.

Third step: the colored hairspray

Two coats of varnish are recommended for it to last a long time and to obtain a luminous and intense color. But be careful, they must be very thin and you must wait until the first is dry before starting the second.

Fourth step: the top coat

This is the protection that the varnish needs to hold. Everyday gestures such as washing the dishes or typing on a keyboard can damage the nail and the varnish. But thanks to the top coat, it is covered with a protective layer and lasts longer!

To have healthy and beautiful nails, we advise you to have a look at our nail supply store online, where there are all kinds of nail beauty products. Hoping to have been helpful!

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