Some tips if you want to try applying false nails yourself

Although the best option is to go to an institute, you can still apply your gel nails yourself. However, knowing the right actions is necessary to carry out safe work according to the rules of the art. In this article, Maryton nail supply will tell you some tips for successful homemade gel false nails.

Use the right instruments and top quality manicure supplies

You must obtain the right instruments and top quality manicure supplies for applying false gel nails. It’s about :

  • a nail clipper.
  • a nail file.
  • a nail buffer.
  • a wooden stick.

In addition, you will also need a UV/LED emitting lamp.

The proper procedure for applying gel nails

The procedure is done in three distinct steps. First, clean your fingers properly with disinfectant solutions. Cut your nails completely short and then push back your cuticles without damaging the base of your nails. Apply the gel coats until the desired thickness is achieved while taking breaks to dry each layer of applied polish.

Once the gel application is complete and the false nails are hard, use rubbing alcohol to clean your horns. This action removes the sticky texture of the gel and makes your false nails shine. You can now use creativity and imagination to decorate your nails as you want.

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