PaMu Unique: A Positive Sound Experience at a Low Price

PaMu Unique: A Positive Sound Experience at a Low Price

Thanks to the PaMu wireless headphones, a positive sound experience is achieved, of a good level and where a simple format for the user stands out.

his quarantine has allowed me to test diverse and quality technology, including smartphones, computers and digital audio accessories, elements that have been transformed into my everyday devices to get a better appreciation and obtain a sound experience when required.

In question, I am going to comment on my experience with the PaMu Unique, wireless headphones that came to the work table a few weeks ago and that I have been using as personal audio devices, in these first lines I affirm that a positive sound experience is achieved , good level and with noise cancellation that you like.

And is that the PaMu Unique have been designed to offer a pleasant sensation from the first contact, something that we will be able to feel from the grip that is perceived when manipulating these wireless headphones.

Sound experience for advanced users and those who are new to digital sound

I like listening to podcasts, I have my favorite playlists and I am constantly reviewing videos on YouTube, actions that for some are normal but that I have wanted to carry out using the PaMu Unique to check their use in everyday situations and in normal environmental conditions.

During my stay with these audio devices it has been pleasant, this because PaMu has introduced the Qualcomm aptX codec , guaranteeing a powerful sound, good level bass and remarkable comfort, especially when I have been walking or practicing a sport in House.

Adding relevant details, the Unique version of these audio devices incorporate Bluetooth 5.0 , noise reduction thanks to the dual microphone, IPX6 waterproof certification and an internal battery that guarantees 10 hours of music playback.

Among the added options that these wireless headphones have, I mention the additional incorporation of a touch area that allows you to interact with the PaMu Unique in a different way , so that through these devices we can control the music, access the selected voice assistant, answer calls, in addition to controlling the volume of calls, music or any sound that exists on the phone.

It is an economic product, however it incorporates a series of features and functions that are appreciated , in fact one of the options that I liked was its dual charging system, guaranteeing charging via USB Type C cable or through wireless charging systems or reverse charging of smartphones .

Do you like specific data? We are in front of a TWS product, that is, full-fledged wireless headphones and in the first instance they stand out because they have Bluetooth 5.0 , a powerful 400mAh battery , included touch controls and IPX6 water resistance .

Added to this is the possibility of choosing different replaceable patterns in a matter of seconds , easily changing the cover of the hearing aids according to the personal preferences of each user.

Certainly a recommended option and a proposal that I recommend to guarantee a quality sound experience and at a reasonable price .

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