Fake nails: what do we do next?

Nothing more annoying than a small defect on the nail right after a break from false nails. However, there are many everyday gestures that can disturb our nail balance. Your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you advice.

Appropriate maintenance

An essential step is filling, which consists of filing the surface of the nail to apply new layers of gel. This is to be done approximately every 4 weeks, but we adapt according to the rhythm of regrowth. If you do too much, the nail will be weakened. In terms of care, you can safely use cuticle oils or keratin and collagen hand creams. To make the nail shine, the top coat and polishing block are the best option. Beyond that, the nail may come off.

Actions to avoid

Certain daily gestures are clearly the enemies of our nails in the more or less long term. Gloves will therefore always be worn for gardening or for handling household products. We also avoid opening boxes and other “easy open” sachets with the fingernails. In case of prolonged exposure to the sun, it is better to make sure that the top coat used is anti-UV.

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