Method for removing a gel nail

Gel nails are beautiful, but it is not easy to remove. Do you know how to remove gel nails? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas.

To remove a gel nail, there are 4 different methods:

  • Go to a nail salon. A prosthetist can remove your false nails and apply care to them so as not to damage your natural nails.
  • Remove your nails yourself by soaking them in acetone. To protect your nails, cover the cuticles with a layer of petroleum jelly. Then apply it to your nails using a cotton ball and wait for 30 minutes.
  • Remove your nails yourself by filing them: cut your nails very short, then file the surface with a coarse file, gently, until the surface of your natural nail appears. Then change the file to finish the operation with a finer file, and finish by moisturizing your nails and fingers.
  • Remove your nails yourself by peeling them off: take a wooden stick and insert it under the gel to gently peel off the false nail. You can use tweezers to remove the gel. Finally, polish the surface of your nails and moisturize them well.
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