The essentials for an original and successful French manicure

To achieve different styles of manicure, equip yourself with the appropriate manicure sets. Quality tools allow you to obtain a lasting result that meets your desires.

Quality varnishes

It is essential to use good quality varnishes to ensure easy and uniform application, as well as optimal hold. Opt for recognized and renowned brands in the field of nail beauty.

Suitable accessories and tools

Remember to purchase the necessary accessories to facilitate the application of your French manicure:

  • A base coat: It prepares the nail before applying the colored varnish and helps strengthen its impact resistance.
  • A top coat: Applied after the color coat, it protects it and adds a shiny or matte finish.
  • A UV or LED lamp: For quick and optimal drying, don’t hesitate to invest in a nail lamp. It will harden the varnish and extend its life.
  • Stickers for the shape: These small stickers are very practical for creating the perfect line between the “white” and the “nude” of your manicure.
  • A fine brush: This will allow you to create more precise and elaborate patterns, for a successful graphic effect.

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