True or false: 5 misconceptions about nails

You thought you knew everything about your nails and do what it takes to always have perfect hands. Know that there is however an anthology of received ideas on the subject! We take stock of 5 generalities.

1. White spots on the nails are a sign of a lack of calcium

False. You’ve been trying to fill your calcium quota for years by enjoying dairy products since your earliest childhood, but imagine… that has nothing to do with the little white spots that can appear on the nail. It would rather be due to the small shocks or traumas that the nails can undergo, months before! Nothing serious, don’t worry.

2. Nails grow slower in winter

True. It turns out that the cold, by stimulating the keratin less than the summer heat, limits the growth of the nail. It is therefore normal to notice that your nails grow faster in summer! Also know that the nails of your hands grow almost twice as fast as those of your feet.

3. Varnish damages nails

False. If the nails are well protected by a base before applying the varnish, they are safe. However, be sure to moisturize your nails as you do your hands, using a specific cream or oil. This will help them to be less fragile and to solidify.

4. Lemon whitens nails

True and false. Lemon is actually very good at helping the nails whiten… but it’s an ephemeral result. Applying lemon too often to your nails is likely to damage them: in the long term, the acidity can soften or weaken them.

5. It is good to cut the cuticles

False. And it really is better to avoid! These small skins at the base of the nail protect it from moisture and bacteria. Instead, push them back with a stick instead of cutting them and promoting infections. Your nails will thank you.

Except for the 5 misconceptions listed above, it is also strongly recommended to maintain your nails regularly with professional manicure sets. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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