5 questions to ask your beautician before a manicure

To have beautiful nails in all circumstances, a regular manicure with the manicure kits is necessary. Varnish color, home maintenance care, nail shape… Here are 5 questions to ask your beautician before getting a manicure.

1. Which shape is best suited for my nails?

Round, rectangular, square… We all have different nail shapes. In general, you have to respect this shape so as not to distort the nail, but you can still ask to optimize it. Square shapes can for example be filed more on the corners to give a more oval appearance, and on the contrary, a round nail can become a little more structured by being filed on the top.

2. Which color to adopt?

There are a multitude of varnish colors, but how to choose the right one? The most important thing is to determine the shade that suits her skin tone. It is better to opt for warm tones if you have fair, olive or very pale skin, cold tones if you have matte, tanned skin.

3. Simple, semi-permanent, resin varnish… which technique to choose?

Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. With a semi-permanent, your polish stays intact for almost two weeks and with gel, your nails will be harder. But these two techniques are only for you if they are healthy. If they are not in good condition, it is better to bet on care.

4. How long does a manicure last?

The hold of the manicure depends on the general condition of the nails and the activities that require them. If your nails are flexible and do not split, your simple nail polish manicure will last longer.

5. How do I take care of my nails at home?

Between each manicure, the condition of your nails can sometimes deteriorate. To avoid this, it’s better to wearing gloves while washing dishes, not using hard or metallic objects to push back the cuticles so as not to attack them, and moisturize the cuticles and hands every day.

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