How to moisturize your nails well?

Nails are often indicative of our health. When they are damaged, fragile, brittle, soft or streaked, the hands appear neglected. Rest assured, our Maryton offers you solutions to properly moisturize your nails and keep them radiantly beautiful.

Nourish damaged nails

To have beautiful nails, you must take care of them daily. Once or twice a week, give your hands a bath. In a bowl, run warm water with a little olive oil. To give your nails strength, add the juice of half a lemon or a few drops of lemon essential oils . If your nails are brittle or have a yellow tint, enhance your oily bath with baking soda.

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To nourish damaged nails, it is essential to nourish your cuticles. Their flexibility is favorable to good nail growth. Every evening before going to bed, you can massage your nails and cuticles with castor oil.

Take care of your nails at home

The maintenance of your nails depends above all on a healthy lifestyle. Diet plays an essential role in the quality of your skin, hair and nails. Eating healthy, consuming fresh and seasonal products and getting enough sleep will help you keep nails beautiful and strong. Also make sure to stay well hydrated. The cigarette is to be avoided, because it dulls the complexion and yellows the nails.

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