The most trending colors for nails this winter

Nails are almost ahead of face makeup on the catwalks of famous fashion and beauty houses. They have become, over time, real fashion accessories, to be adapted according to the season. This winter, what are the trendy nail colors?

What nail colors for this winter?

The trend is green. On your nails, wear a fir green varnish to recall the Christmas tree or a khaki green, to recall the fauna, all with a gel effect. Green is the big trend this winter. Pink is also a must-have, from pastel to very flashy, including old pink. Nude nails also remain one of the biggest nail trends this winter: beige, chocolate, caramel or peach.

Trendy manicures

This winter, abstract nails or “abstract nails”, is an original and offbeat type of manicure that is very trendy. It’s about drawing patterns straight out of your imagination on the nails. It adapts to all nail shapes, from the shortest to the longest. Serpentine lines, commas, straight lines or even circles, everything is allowed as well as all colors. The designs must be different on each nail, while remaining coordinated in terms of shades.

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Metallic varnish is also making a comeback this winter, although it has never disappeared from the trends. You can choose any of the colors approved in this season, but in a metallic version, with beautiful reflections on the nails. The mirror effect, silver, fuchsia or gold, will also wreak havoc.

The green manicure

Women are increasingly concerned about the composition of the products they use. This is why green varnish is increasingly present on the nail market. The active ingredients are natural and the ingredients derived from petrochemicals are significantly reduced. They are replaced by vegetable solvents such as cotton, corn, wheat or potato, for a “clean” planet and nails. Green varnishes respect the skin and the environment.

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